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Want To Become a Donor?

Thanks for your interest in becoming an egg donor! 

Verification of your eligibility is the first step towards helping families grow. The following requirements are in place to ensure the health of all parties, both physically and mentally. 

Are You Eligible?

Global Egg Bank invites all those interested in becoming donors to review our eligibility requirements before proceeding.

All parties involved are protected by these requirements for their physical and mental well-being.

Take our pre-screening questionnaire today to see if you qualify!

Family and Medical History

A detailed medical history and family history will be requested after you complete the pre-screening.

 Your history allows us to identify indicators that may hinder your eligibility.

Upon successfully completing these steps, you will either receive an ineligibility notification or clearance to begin the next step. 

Application Review

Within 10 days of receiving your application, a member of our team will review it.


As soon as the application has been reviewed, our Donor Coordinator will be in touch with you to let you know the next steps. 

Donor Coordinator

A dedicated Donor Coordinator will be available to ensure that you are feeling comfortable and well informed at all times.

They will assist you with the remaining steps in the donation process and create your donor profile.

Medical and Genetic Testing

In order to become an official egg donor, the final step is to undergo medical and genetic testing.

Medical clearance is a crucial component of this process. Your genetic profile will be analyzed to determine if you will be a suitable match for the intended recipient in terms of both health and genetics. 

Congratulations, You're Now a Verified Donor!

Once all medical testing, screening, and evaluations have been completed and you have been confirmed eligible, you will be assigned to a donation cycle.


Your WSFC fertility provider will provide you with guidance and preparation for the egg retrieval process.

Apply to Donate

Follow the link below to begin your egg donor application today!

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